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A Dedicated Email Solution

MFC-iMail allows you to enjoy a trouble-free email experience. Emails are important in daily communications and having a reliable, robust and sturdy email infrastructure has become an essential communication need.

Still stuck on a SHARED email hosting environment, being held ransom by the potential hundreds of users sharing the same server resource? Worried that your SHARED email hosting provider will sign up a malicious user on your SHARED server? Facing common excuses like:

“Peak time, server is scanning alot of emails - delivery will be slow”

“Shared server, when less people use, it will be faster – bear with it”

“User from XXX company, hosted on same server, sent out a lot of emails, yours got delayed – wait a while, it will be delivered soon ...”

“Users from YYY.Com, hosted on the same server sent out a lot of SPAM and server has been blacklisted. SPAM already stopped so blacklist should be removed soon, probably in the next few days ...”

Dedicated Resource - Always
MFC-iMail leverages on a suite of Open Source solutions to deliver an email solution that provides you with DEDICATED RESOURCES at all times. With MFC-iMail, your emails are hosted on DEDICATED RESOURCES, especially set aside for you and your colleagues.

Key Benefits of MFC-iMail

  • Combines the benefits of virtual hosting and a dedicated server
  • Enjoy privacy, security and performance at an affordable cost
  • Your own DEDICATED RESOURCES for your needs at all times

Unsurpassed Features

  • Authenticated SMTP / IMAP / POP3 Access
  • Anti-virus, Spam and Malicious Attachment Protection
  • Webmail Access (SquirrelMail, Horde IMP)
  • Multiple Client Support (eg. Outlook, Thunderbird etc.)
  • Web based Administration (Administrator, User)
  • Optional Add-On :: Global Address Book
  • Optional Add-On :: Multiple Domain Support

Reliable Infrastructure

  • SingTel Datacenter (Comcentre, Exeter Road, Singapore)
  • Active server hardware monitoring and maintenance
  • Active server operating system management
  • Control panel management and administration
  • Deployment on Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID)
  • MFC-iMail - A Dedicated Email Solution
    • Dedicated Memory Allocation
    • Dedicated Disk Space Allocation
    • Controllable number of users
    • Controllable division of resources
    • Dedicated resource allocation
    • Each Email Hosting Service has its own dedicated IP address
    • Each Email Hosting Service has its  own isolated area of the server
    • Privacy, security and performance
  • Full Feature Listing
    • SMTP
      Uses Qmail as the backend Mail Transport Agent (MTA). Qmail is modern SMTP server with capabilities of handling millions of messages per hour.
    • POP3/S
      Standard pop3 and pop3/s access allows mail access through any standard email client.
    • IMAP/S
      Standard IMAP/S access allows offline download and synchronization of emails through any standard email client.
    • HTTP
      Web access to emails in case users are to access emails from kiosks, Internet cafes or other public places away from their workstations.
    • Authenticated Outgoing SMTP
      Allows users to do relay based on their credentials. Uses TLS (Transport Layer Security) by default to encrypt passwords.
    • Linux Operating System
      Uses a stripped down version of the Linux Kernel to provide optimal performance. Regular updates are supplied through an automated update sequence. Support for popular Linux distributions including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, SuSe Enterprise.
    • Web based Administration (Administrator / User)
      Web based Administration allows the administrator to carry out user account administrative tasks with ease without having to know complicated command sets. It also allows the user to carry out  user account tasks like resetting passwords, enabling/disabling auto-responders, enabling/disabling of forwarders etc. easily, without having to depend on the administrator.
    • Virus Scanning
      Emails are scanned for Viruses using the ClamAV virus engine.
    • Malicious Attachment Protection
      Blocking of emails with forbidden attachments i.e. EXE, COM, BAT
    • Spam Protection
      Uses Spamassassin to provide Spam tagging. Also Supports RBL Blacklist and Whitelist.
    • Remote Support
      During the support period, we provide all the necessary patching and updates to ensure that your server is free of vulnerabilities by doing user transparent updates and patching.
    • Optional Add-On :: Multiple Domain Support
      Support for Multiple Domain Support can be enabled as required.
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MFC-iMail ... Dedicated Resource - Always